Shane Morris fala sobre o quanto Ryan é talentoso e entre outros elogios

Shane Morris, amigo do Ryan, publicou em seu tumblr o quanto gosta do Ryan como amigo e também informou que Ryan está fazendo musica com o More Amor. Disse que nunca foi fã de P!ATD ou TYV, mas considera Ryan uma pessoa muito talentosa e entre outros elogios.

Confira abaixo o texto publicado no tumblr, pois vale a pena ler:

Look, I know y’all criticize me when I mention Ryan because “I’m just riding his coat-tails” or whatever y’all say. But I just want y’all to know - that’s my brother. I love that Ryan. He’s one of the most genuine, amazing people I have ever met. I know sometimes y’all hate me because my sense of humor is completely fucked. (I agree.) But seriously, Ryan is a fucking amazing person. I’ve known him a long time, and he has always been kind, warm-hearted, and amazing. Seriously. He’s a lot easier to be around than I am. (Trust me, I know.)

Today, my Dashboard was flooded with pictures of Ryan, P!ATD, etc. Y’all really did a good job with that.

I want y’all to know that’s a really big thing. I mean, I was never really a P!ATD fan. To this day, I’m really not. I mean, I’m not even a big fan of The Young Veins. Ryan is my homey just because he’s my homey. I’m more into witch-house and other shit like that, but I digress…

Thank you all for supporting my friend. Even as one of his friends, it’s crazy to see how many of y’all love Ryan. It really blows my mind every day, and you know, especially today. The support you show is just unreal. I work with a lot of people in the music business, and I’m serious when I say this - no one has fans like Ryan Ross. Really. (And I work with Lil B, so that’s REALLY saying something.) You all are just so supportive and so loyal. It’s phenomenal.

Just so you know - Ryan is working on new music. He’s working with my two good friends Danny and Tru now, and they’re going to make a record like you’ve never heard before. Those three guys are perfect together, and I’m proud to call them my friends. It feels good knowing the guys I spend my days laughing, watching hockey games, and just… spending time with… they make something amazing.

Anyway, I’ve said my peace. I know y’all stalk my blog. Meh. Whatever. I don’t even really like “talking” to y’all, I just wanted to say thanks for all the nice things you say about my friends. I’m not a musician. I never will be. I just do music business - but I’m glad to know the people I work with have such dedicated fans.

I love you all.

Fonte: Tumblr

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