Jon e Cassie comentam sobre a Costa Rica, sentem saudades da família e deseja um Feliz Natal

Here in Costa Rica Christmas is celebrated today, December 24th, and the atmosphere is filled with a tingle of excitement and the wafting fumes of authentic culinary wonders. The Tico families all gather to feast and toast, but since we have no family here to feast or toast with, we planned our own little celebration. Jon is currently cooking up some delicious smelling Italian food that we plan to enjoy with the bottle of wine we bought in town. Tonight the new moon will make the sky darker than usual, perfect for our first annual Christmas star-gazing bonfire. The fire will be followed by a movie marathon including A Christmas Story, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and of course, Home Alone. We tried to take a family portrait, utilizing our camera’s timer, our best shot is featured above :)
To our family back home, we miss you more than usual today, so raise a glass with us and toast to new traditions and peace on earth.

Fonte: http://junglewalkers.tumblr.com

Nova foto do Ryan com a Hobo